Learn how to wang a welly...

highland games

Highland Games are a Scottish sporting tradition and a test of strength and skill. But fear not, our kilt-clad Field Day instructors will break you into clans before taking you through a demonstration of each activity.  There will be plenty of opportunity to get competitive in an immense battle of the clans.

Mini-Highland Games is sure to result in some laughs as you try to throw various objects as far and as high as you can.  We can adapt each of the activities for physical ability and age, with different sizes and weights for each piece of equipment.

The Games

  • Tug o’ war
  • Shot Putt
  • Welly Wang
  • Caber Toss
  • Tyre Flip
  • Farmers’ Dash
  • Haggis hurling         
  • Hammer toss


£24 per person

  • 20% discount for bookings of 20 people or more (also applies to Extras)
  • Minimum number for a booking = 10 people


What's Included?

  • 2 hours of fun
  • Fully-qualified instructors
  • Tartan team headbands
  • Up to 10 highland game activities
  • A bottle of whisky or prosecco for the winning clan
  • Bell tent changing room
  • Toilet facilities

Extras to make your day

champagne .jpg

Tea and cakes  Early morning start? Give yourselves a boost with flasks of steaming hot tea and filter coffee served with home baked delights.  £5 per person

Bucket & Ice   Bring your own beverages and we’ll provide a champagne or beer bucket full of ice to keep them cool. Includes plastic flutes or pint glasses (up to 30)  £15

Venue hire   Want to hang out longer but prefer to bring your own food? Our venue includes a heated bell tent seating up to 30 people, outdoor picnic tables, a campfire and toilet facilities. £40 for 2 additional hours

Catering  For large parties we can provide catering and unique options such as a cappuccino van and a horsebox gin van. Prices on request